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Simplify Processes for HR, Financials, Contract Management & Procurement

At any school, the business office is an information hub. Whether it’s recruiting faculty and staff, running payroll, processing invoices or managing contracts, this office and its sub departments handle a large variety of documents, resulting in a cumbersome amount of paperwork for staff and faculty. Manually processing these documents on a daily basis slows turnaround time, hampers collaboration and limits staff productivity.

Perceptive Software process and content solutions for the business office enable your team to overcome these challenges, making it easy to manage content throughout its lifecycle in a secure electronic environment.

With Perceptive technology, business office staff can efficiently process invoices, purchase orders, contracts and expense reports; easily capture, store and access resumes, applications, benefits forms and payroll inquiries, and decrease the time it takes to create, negotiate, review, execute and approve contracts.

With Perceptive Software solutions, your school will:

  • Speed financial, HR and payroll processes
  • Improve service to staff, faculty, students, vendors and applicants
  • Enhance information sharing with other departments
    Manage the lifecycle of information to mitigate legal risks and strengthen compliance
  • Use advanced reporting and security features to ensure regulatory compliance and simplify audits
  • Increase staff productivity and satisfaction by eliminating manual tasks
  • Minimize paper-related costs

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