Kevin Albrecht
Government Solutions Manager, Lexmark

Janet Jackson
Sales Engineer, Lexmark

Levi Reep
Sales Engineer, Lexmark


45 minutes

Recommended for:

Federal government professionals, State government professionals

Improve your FOIA request process, from start to finish

There are many complexities surrounding FOIA requests, including how requests are received, captured, routed, processed and archived. Delays caused by inefficient processing can be costly to your team and frustrating for constituents. What if you could easily capture requests submitted via email, fax, online portals and more in a secure electronic repository? Is there a way to help staff focus on completing requests and answering inquiries faster, instead of filing, photocopying or hunting for documents and folders?

Join Lexmark for a pre-recorded webinar to learn how capture, search and workflow technology simplifies the FOIA request process, regardless of the size or type of your agency.

In this webinar, you will discover how to:

  • Streamline the collection of FOIA requests, regardless of how they are received
  • Route FOIA requests to the dedicated processor, with notifications to executive officers as needed
  • Create automated, customized correspondence using document output management (DOM) technology
  • Realize seamless and non-programmatic integration with your host application
  • Reduce costs associated with adding staff, duplicate file creation and paper file sharing