Lexmark mobile

Flexible printing for users. Easy control for IT.

Mobile computing has become pervasive—it’s simply a state of always-on, barrier-free connectedness that entertains, enlightens and helps them get work done.

Business users expect desktop and mobile printing to be equally convenient, but IT managers know how complicated it can be to provide seamless output due to mobile’s unique characteristics:

  • Multiple mobile operating systems with varying native OS print capabilities
  • Rapid and continual evolution of mobile OS platforms
  • Varying connectivity over cell connections, Wi-Fi and corporate networks
  • Usability and support challenges associated with finding and connecting to a printer
  • Mobile security schemes that differ from traditional enterprise security standards

Lexmark addresses these realities with a comprehensive set of tools and options that make the mobile printing experience more transparent, simple and secure:

Lexmark Mobile OS support. It’s free, it’s built into mobile and you can use it with Lexmark devices now. But while the built-in mobile OS print features are convenient, printing in business environments may require additional flexibility. Learn more.

Lexmark Print Management. With Lexmark Print Management, printing is straightforward and flexible regardless of the platform you’re printing from—desktop or mobile. And it gives IT enhanced ways to support their user base, control costs and secure the network. Learn more.

In short, your users expect mobile printing to be as easy and flexible as desktop printing, while IT wants to avoid supporting a myriad of user experiences and a printing free-for-all. Lexmark offers the experience and innovation to help you achieve those goals.

Google Cloud Print™
Quickly and easily print to your supported Lexmark device using Google Cloud Print™.

Optimize your network printing and gain print-anywhere flexibility, including from mobile devices.

Learn more about how Lexmark supports printing from mobile devices.