Claims Automation for Health

Eliminate 90 percent of manual data entry and improve accuracy

Lexmark Intelligent Capture for Health Claims extracts data from the machine-printed paper version of the CMS 1500 and CMS 1450 health insurance claim forms with an accuracy rate of 90 percent or more. So you can get paper claims into your claims management system faster and more accurately.

Extracted data is validated for coding and completeness, before being passed into your system for automated downstream processing.

In addition to Intelligent Capture for Health Claims, we offer easy-to-use workflow that automates additional steps to escalate exceptions. Document management solutions provide secure, centralized storage for controlled yet convenient access to the policy documents and other material needed to provide timely service to providers and patients.

Enterprise Search offers access to documents across all systems through a single interface, allowing users to detect suspicious patterns across all business units and pinpoint possible fraud.

With Lexmark claims solutions for health insurance, you can:

  • Automate the processing of paper claims with Intelligent Capture
  • Increase straight-through processing and reduce exceptions
  • Keep confidential documents secure with centralized document storage
  • Manage exceptions efficiently with easy-to-use workflow
  • Search for patterns in claims that can help detect fraud 
Lexmark Intelligent Capture for Health Claims
Find out how Lexmark Intelligent Capture uses advanced recognition techniques template-free technology to accurately extract and validate data , even with variations in printed health forms.

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