New Business Automation for Property and Casualty

Expedite new business and streamline underwriting processes for property and casualty carriers

Lexmark insurance solutions for property and casualty accelerate new business and improve underwriting by linking policy applications and accompanying documents for faster processing.

Our content management technology captures documents and links them to applicant files electronically, then automatically routes files to the right people for immediate action.

In addition, document output management functionality lets you automate requests for supporting documents, create personalized forms and easily build welcome kits with the appropriate compliance language.

Your organization saves time and makes optimum use of skilled personnel resources while improving customer service. Here’s how:

  • Route incoming applications automatically based in IGO/NIGO rules
  • Expedite in force policy status, enhancing service to policyholders
  • Make faster, more informed property and casualty underwriting decisions with better access to documents
  • Protect applicant privacy with security controls
Find out how New Business Automation helps insurers make better informed decisions and improve the bottom line.

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