C925 Parallel 1284-B Interface Card Kit


The Parallel 1284-B Interface Card installs into the printer's internal port. It supports a parallel 1284-B compliant interface using a 36-pin D-shell female, bi-directional connector.

It is recommended that a Lexmark 10' Parallel cable (P/N 1021231) or a bidirectional IEEE 1284 complaint cable be used to avoid compatibility problems.

See the Technical Reference for more information about the parallel interface.

Spécifications techniques

Dimensions sous emballage (HxLxP)

40 x 152 x 222 mm

Dimensions suremballage (HxLxP)

236 x 420 x 316 mm

Quantités (suremballage)


Poids suremballage

4.7 kg

Poids avec emballage

0.9 kg


Poids Palette

120.6 kg

Pays d'origine

China (PR)