Tractor 2 (wide)

Tractor 2 (wide)

The Tractor 2 attaches to the front of the printer and provides dual tractor capability with a second tractor feed for continuous forms. This option allows the user to have two different types of continuous forms loaded in the printer simultaneously.

Numéro de référence: 12T0696

The Tractor Linking function automatically loads the unused tractor when the tractor in use runs out of forms.

A convenient manual feed tray on top of the feeder allows you to manually feed cut sheets or envelopes while the Tractor 2 is installed.

Dimensions sous emballage (mm - H x L x P) 203 x 597 x 267 mm
Poids avec emballage 2.9 kg
Code UNSPSC 44101705
Pays d'origine Singapour
Dimensions des supports acceptés Feuille à partie unique ou feuille à parties multiples(largeur de page de maximum de 406mm, largeur de page de minimum de 76mm, longueur de page de maximum de 559mm, longueur de page de minimum de 76mm)