C950, X95x 3500-Sheet Finisher (4-Hole)


Upper Bin

The finisher upper bin supports up to 500 sheets of paper in A3, A4, A5, Executive, Folio, JIS-B4, JIS-B5, Letter, Legal, Ledger or Tabloid and Statement sizes. Paper (16 to 58 lb., 60 to 220 gsm) and glossy paper may be used in this bin.

Lower Bin

The finisher lower bin supports up to 3,000 sheets of paper (20 lb or 75 gsm, plain paper) in A3, A4, Executive, Folio, JIS-B4, JIS-B5, Letter, Legal and Ledger or Tabloid sizes. Paper (16 to 58 lb., 60 to 220 gsm) may be used in this bin.Supports 4-position stapling (5,000 staples capacity), A4 (2 or 4-hole) or Letter (2 or 3-hole) hole punching and offset stacking (15mm or 0.6").


The lower bin capacity is reduced when stapling is utilized. Each stapled set contains up to 50 sheets. Hole punching of paper (16 to 47 lb., 60 to 176 gsm) and offset stacking is supported. The lower bin has an empty and a full sensor.

Maximum paper size for both bins is 11.7 x 17.0 in. (297 x 432 mm). Universal size media output is not supported. Hole punching and offset stacking output to Bin 2 only. Hole punch is not supported for transparency, labels or card stock.


外形寸法 (mm:高 x 幅 x 奥行)

998 x 700 x 680 mm

パッケージ寸法 (mm - H x W x D)

1221 x 1161 x 765 mm


43.6 kg

パッケージ重量 (kg)

96 kg



1パレットあたりの 総積載量(kg)

96 kg


湿度: 8 ~ 80% 相対湿度, 高度: 0 ~ 2500 メートル, 温度: 16 ~ 24℃

Country of Origin

China (PR)


A3, A4, エグゼクティブ, フォリオ, JIS-B4, JIS-B5, 帳簿, リーガル, レター, ステートメント


厚紙, 普通紙


60 - 220 (Bin 2) g/㎡(gsm)


オフセットスタッキング, ステープリング, ホールパンチ