T65x StapleSmart II Finisher


The Lexmark StapleSmart II Finisher is a compact, modular, finishing solution and offers single-position stapling for A4, letter, legal, or folio paper sizes, stapling up to 50 sheets per set (20 lb., 75 gsm). It also offers dual position job offset and high capacity stacking to address high volume network printing demands. Smart sensing indicates when the staple supply is low as well as when staples run out.

The output bin supports up to 500 sheets of unstapled paper (20 lb., 75 gsm). The stapler can staple a maximum of 50 sheets per set in A4, Letter, Legal and Folio sizes.

Staple cartridges contain 5,000 staples. Refill staple cartridges are available in packages of 3 cartridges.

For additional output, one output expander can be placed under the Finisher.

Output bin supports stacking of paper, card stock and transparencies.

기술 사양

제품 크기 (mm - H x W x D)

320 x 433 x 403 mm

패키지 크기 (mm - H x W x D)

492 x 590 x 594 mm

중량 (kg)

7.2 kg

제품 중량 (포장재 제외) (kg)

8.7 kg



받침대 중량 (kg)

86.2 kg


China (PR)

지원되는 용지 크기

A4, Folio, Legal, Letter

지원되는 용지 종류

일반 용지

용지 무게 지원 범위 (gsm)

60 - 90 gsm

마감 기능

오프셋 스태킹, 스테이플