C792, X792 Spacer


The 5 inch (12.7 cm) Spacer provides additional height for better access. It is installed below all other drawers.

The optional caster base is required when the product is configured with additional drawers or Spacer when used floor standing. Go to www.lexmark.com/multifunctionprinters for more information.

The Spacer cannot be used with the High Capacity Feeder.

기술 사양

제품 크기 (mm - H x W x D)

133 x 565 x 512 mm

패키지 크기 (mm - H x W x D)

240 x 650 x 586 mm

중량 (kg)

6.35 kg

제품 중량 (포장재 제외) (kg)

9.12 kg



받침대 중량 (kg)

38.51 kg


China (PR)