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Lexmark Secure Element

Номенклатурен №: 57X0185


  • Приложими карти / SIMMs
  • Размер (мм - В x Ш x Д): 40 x 74 x 33 мм
  • Тегло: 0.005 кг

Описание на продукт

Lexmark Secure Element delivers an additional layer of security directly to your Lexmark printer or MFP by strengthening its ability to protect information stored on the device. By protecting the generation and storage of encryption keys used to safeguard data on your device, organizations can reduce the risk and expense associated with data loss caused by cyber threats. Secure Element can be installed on the product during manufacturing or by the customer, as the card easily installs on the motherboard in a similar manner as a SIM card on a mobile phone.

Satisfies security requirements

Satisfies most corporate and government entities for device cryptography certifications with a stronger level of security than a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Whether your goal is to safeguard confidential data, protect against unauthorized security breaches or satisfy security requirements, Secure Element adds an additional layer of protection for data stored on enterprise MFPs and printers.

Safe certificate and encryption key storage

Motherboard installation delivers an alternative, secure storage environment.

Secure cryptographic keys

Provide a faster, more secure method of securing cryptographic keys.

Общи спецификации

Номенклатурен № 57X0185
Размер (мм - В x Ш x Д)
  • 40 x 74 x 33 мм
  • 0.005 кг
Размер на опаковката (мм" - В x Ш x Д)
  • 44.45 x 140 x 228.6 мм
Тегло на опаковката (кг)
  • 0.185 кг


  • USB (Type A)

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