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Digital Endcap

An easy and fast solution for digital endcap signs

The end of the retail aisle, the "endcap", is a valuable location for highlighting products and promotions. In a typical grocery store, endcaps account for up to 30% of sales, according to Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing by Dr. Herb Sorensen, Ph.D.

But, keeping endcap promotions fresh can be a challenge: Letter kits are expensive and tedious, creating print designs are time consuming, there's little flexibility for localizing promotions and delayed shipments can impact execution.

The Lexmark Digital Endcap solution unites software, hardware and services to deliver an affordable and effective approach to endcap promotions and strategies. Using large-format digital displays, you can simplify the design and implementation logistics and solve many of the challenges associated with printed endcap signs, including localizing content and correcting errors on the fly.

Faster and easier endcap promotions

Eliminate the need to create and produce printed materials. Our solution integrates with your product data library so you can create endcap displays—as needed—with content that’s already in your system and publish them to digital displays right away.

Better execution, better merchandising

With a simplified process for executing endcap promotions at the store level, you can promote what you want, how you want, when you want. Publish retail signs that cross-sell, upsell and pair products on displays that are highly visible to your shoppers.

Instant updates, immediate results

Eliminate the hard costs of shipping while gaining the flexibility to have the right sign available when it’s needed and the agility to alter promotions whenever you want. Put your stores in control based on the inventory on hand: Promote perishable items and update promotions for out-of-stock items, as needed.

The right balance of central and store control

Send sign content from headquarters, update information in the retail store office or change details from the floor using a mobile device. Need to localise product information and pricing for a particular store? No problem. You decide how and when sign content is created, published and updated.

The more (promotions) the merrier

Choose between multiple templates for different kinds of promotions. Want to cross-sell or promote a package deal? Easily promote more than one product on your endcaps by using the handheld scanner to select the sign template that accommodates the type of promotion you need.

Automate content creation to skip design hassles

Our system integrates with product and pricing databases to populate signs using the most current data available. Not only is design production eliminated, but sign content is always accurate and in sync with your registers.

Efficient tasks that don't block the aisles

In many stores, endcap signs are placed above the reach of your employees. That means when it’s time for a change, there’s usually a ladder involved. With our solution, associates can make changes using the handheld application with two feet on the ground.

A fully managed solution

With the Lexmark Digital Endcap solution, you can focus on retailing and leave the software, hardware and services to us.

  • The right equipment for your environment: We’ve carefully researched digital sign hardware and have taken all the factors into account: cost, reliability, energy efficiency, fit to retail fixtures, brightness and glare. Our teams install, maintain and manage the repairs of the hardware.
  • Your cloud solution set up and run by us: We’ll work with your design team to define the look and feel of your signs and your store employees will update the endcap promotions, but everything else—the software updates, ongoing maintenance and security—is managed by our team of experts.
  • One system for all in-store signage: Our digital endcap solution works seamlessly with the our larger suite of signage solutions. Take advantage of one system for all in-store signage, from endcap displays to menu boards to shelf-edge signs and labels—both print and digital.
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