Lexmark E460 Wiederaufbereitete Druckkassette 15.000 Seiten

Teilenr.: E460X80G


  • Laserdrucker (Schwarz/Weiß)
  • Reichweite: 15.0001


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Text Printing Applications

Lexmark reconditioned guarantees high quality for text printing applications. For optimum printing performance use all-new Lexmark cartridges.

Factory Reconditioned

A factory reconditioned print cartridge designed especially for use with the Lexmark E460 and E462 printer families. Sold at a special price with the understanding that you return your empty cartridge only to Lexmark.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Going green has never been easier. Recycle all your used Lexmark supplies by letting us take care of the details. It’s simple, smart and always free.


Outstanding results page after page, year after year. Superior Lexmark design means precision pairing between printer and cartridge for value, quality and environmental responsibility you can count on.

Extra High Yield

Print with confidence. Top yields mean you're saving big by operating at the best efficiency, for both your budget and the environment.

Allgemeine Daten

Teilenr. E460X80G
  • Laserdrucker (Schwarz/Weiß)
  • 15.0001
Lexmark Druckkassetten-Rückführungsprogramm
  • Ja
Durchschnittliche kontinuierliche Seitenleistung im Simplex-Modus bis zu
  • 15.000 Standard-Seiten Ausgewiesener Wert gemäß ISO/IEC 19752.
Abmessungen Verpackung (H x B x T)
  • 181 x 399 x 137 mm
Gewicht verpackt
  • 1.08 kg

Elektrik und Betrieb

  • 44103103
  • China (PRC), Mexiko

1Use and return empty only to Lexmark.

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Lexmark E462dtn

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Lexmark E460dn

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Lexmark E460dw

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