Arabic Font Card


The use of printer-resident fonts in the card improves performance and minimizes network traffic since less data is downloaded to the printer.

Contains 6 scalable fonts for use in the PCL and PostScript emulations, Koufi, Koufi-Bold, Naskh, Naskh-Bold, Riyadh and Riyadh-Bold.

PCL emulation supports symbol sets 8V, 9V and 10V. PostScript emulation supports ISO 8859-6 for Arabic printing. كوفي, ,وفي عريض, نسخ,سخ , عريض, رياض, رياض عريض

Tech Specs

Part Number
Packaged Size (mm - H x W x D)
51 x 194 x 229 mm
Packaged Weight, kg
0.45 kg
Country of Origin
United States