MX810 Series

Get back to business with productivity solutions and stellar performance.

The Lexmark MX810 Series is the ultimate in multifunction power. Print, copy and scan with speed to spare. It's about more than just piling on the features though. Vast configuration options and productivity solutions let your office get exactly what it needs to get more done. The MX810 Series was built for top performance.

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Set the pace for increased productivity.

Stay a step ahead and get more work done faster. These systems can meet your most demanding expectations of professional, finished documents. A stellar finish from a star performer.

Look professional. Work smart.

The MX810 Series produces documents that are presentation ready, automatically finishing the pages based on your preferences. Our easy-to-use control panel makes it simple.

Security comes standard.

Ultra-advanced security capabilities provide maximum protection for your critical business data.

Stay safe with enterprise-level security and potential risk assessment.

Authenticate, authorise and audit employee usage with comprehensive security tools. Lock down sensitive data with standard network security protocols, data encryption and disk wiping capabilities. Then, evaluate by tracking more than 100 variables and events, including user activity with Audit Logging.

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Model³ Sheet Capacity Finishers Print / Copy Speed
MX810DE 1,200 pages Stacker 55 ppm
MX810DFE 1,200 pages Stapler 55 ppm
MX810DME 1,200 pages Mailbox 55 ppm
MX810DPE 1,200 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 55 ppm
MX810DTE 1,750 pages Stacker 55 ppm
MX810DTFE 1,750 pages Stapler 55 ppm
MX810DTME 1,750 pages Mailbox 55 ppm
MX810DTPE 1,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 55 ppm
MX810DXE 2,750 pages Stacker 55 ppm
MX810DXFE 2,750 pages Stapler 55 ppm
MX810DXME 2,750 pages Mailbox 55 ppm
MX810DXPE 2,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 55 ppm
MX811DE 1,200 pages Stacker 63 ppm
MX811DFE 1,200 pages Stapler 63 ppm
MX811DME 1,200 pages Mailbox 63 ppm
MX811DPE 1,200 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 63 ppm
MX811DTE 1,750 pages Stacker 63 ppm
MX811DTFE 1,750 pages Stapler 63 ppm
MX811DTME 1,750 pages Mailbox 63 ppm
MX811DTPE 1,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 63 ppm
MX811DXE 2,750 pages Stacker 63 ppm
MX811DXFE 2,750 pages Stapler 63 ppm
MX811DXME 2,750 pages Mailbox 63 ppm
MX811DXPE 2,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 63 ppm
MX812DE 1,200 pages Stacker 70 ppm
MX812DFE 1,200 pages Stapler 70 ppm
MX812DME 1,200 pages Mailbox 70 ppm
MX812DPE 1,200 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 70 ppm
MX812DTE 1,750 pages Stacker 70 ppm
MX812DTFE 1,750 pages Stapler 70 ppm
MX812DTME 1,750 pages Mailbox 70 ppm
MX812DTPE 1,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 70 ppm
MX812DXE 2,750 pages Stacker 70 ppm
MX812DXFE 2,750 pages Stapler 70 ppm
MX812DXME 2,750 pages Mailbox 70 ppm
MX812DXPE 2,750 pages Stapler and Hole Punch 70 ppm

¹Pages per minute print speeds measured in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734, excludes first set of test documents. For more information see:

²For more information on Lexmark Mobile Solutions see:

³This is a Class A device according to the FCC Rules and international electromagnetic emissions standards. This device is not intended for use in residential or domestic environments due to potential interference to radio communications.