Secure by design: Lexmark recognised as a global print security leader in Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2020.

Report Summary

Quocirca defines leaders as vendors with strong strategic vision and a comprehensive print security product and service offering. Leaders have made significant investments in their service portfolio and infrastructure and also demonstrate a strong vision for future strategy.

This report notes that Lexmark’s expansive security strategy focuses on a broader, more systematic ‘secure by design’ approach. This new approach extends beyond hardware-specific security features to include the way hardware and software is designed and built, as well as how vulnerabilities and patches, third-party validations and certifications, are managed. The report credits Lexmark for being committed to its Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL), a transparent and comprehensive development process that addresses the features it builds, the testing it conducts, vulnerability response process and more.

The Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2020 also mentions that Lexmark continues to invest in and build out its professional services security expertise, assessment practice, cloud strategy and device security solutions.

Lexmark’s enhanced managed security services will strengthen its current MPS offerings, simplifying maintenance of firmware levels, network settings and access controls across a fleet.1

Louella Fernandes Director Quocirca

If security is a priority for your organisation, Lexmark has the expertise you need.

Lexmark’s expertise as an industry leader in document and device security forms the backbone of our technology.
We design hardware and solutions with the industry’s most stringent specifications to ensure sensitive information is protected across the network.
Lexmark printers and software minimise security-related vulnerabilities.

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1Source: All Quocirca references are from the Quocirca Print Security Landscape, 2020