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Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme (LCCP)

Circular economy

Loop into Circular Economy

We’ve all got an important role to play in minimising our impact on the environment.

Thanks to the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme (LCCP), being responsible doesn’t have to be difficult or compromise business performance. LCCP combines high-performance logistics and service with innovative tools to offer you a collection, recycling and reuse process that’s modern, efficient and ideally adapted to your consumption volumes. In addition to paying the transportation costs of your used cartridges, Lexmark gives you convenient online access and interactive tools to schedule pick-ups, track returns, order recycling container and more.

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100% Cartridges Collected are reused or recycled

Lexmark’s Compliance with Directive 2012/19/EU

As environmentally responsible provider of products and services, Lexmark is committed to follow the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2012/19/EU. This Directive governs the correct disposal of used electronic goods, including many consumable related products with electrical content. In compliance with the Directive, all of Lexmark’s products with electronic content are now labelled per WEEE specifications and comply with European Standard EN50419. Products labelled with the WEEE symbol should be returned to a designated collection point for electrical and electronic equipment recycling, such as through our Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme.


Cartridges Waste Classification

Lexmark has determined that empty laser cartridges are not hazardous waste as per Annex III to the Waste Framework Directive n° 2008/98/EC as amended Directives.

We have undertaken a hazardous characterization for Lexmark branded empty toner cartridges based upon the assessment of its hazardous properties.  The toner contained in Lexmark print cartridges are not classified as dangerous as per applicable EU Directives and amendments. Material Safety Datasheets are available on line at:

Lexmark has classified toner cartridges as waste type 16 02 ie waste from electrical and electronic equipment. Indeed, the cartridge is a printer component that cannot work, without a printer. Also, Waste toner cartridges can be considered as waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) since the “open scope” of the WEEE Directive n° 2012/19/EU has become effective on 15 August 2018.

As a result, and with reference to the applicable nomenclature, Lexmark classifies its toner cartridges with waste code 16 02 16 (“components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 16 02 15”) for the purpose of transboundary shipments of waste and waste management activities within the European Union.



Lexmark Corporate Cartridges

Corporate Cartridges are Lexmark’s most sustainable offering yet.
Some components and materials, including plastics and packaging can contain 100% post-consumer content saved through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme.

A history of quantifiable results

As a leading remanufacturer of printer cartridges, we understand that the adoption of circular economy principles promotes innovation and economic growth in a more environmentally sustainable manner.


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