Lexmark X125

Part no.: 13H0307


  • Thermal Inkjet

Product Description

The Lexmark X125 All-In-One Office Center with stand-alone fax, black and color copy, high-resolution scan and 16 ppm black and 8 ppm color print speeds is ideal for the home or small business.

Black and Color Copy Capability

Offering added functionality to a home office, the Lexmark X125 operates as a standalone color copier capable of generating up to 12 copies per minute (cpm) in black and up to 5 cpm in color. The LCD screen enables users to easily copy up to 99 black or color copies from one original, and to resize photos and documents from 25 to 200 percent.

Black and Color Fax Capability – without a PC

Boasting standalone black and color* fax capabilities, the Lexmark X125’s sheet-fed design and straightforward LCD screen make sending multiple page documents a fast and easy process. With speeds of up to 33.6Kbps and a fax memory that can store up to 80 pages, the X125 is well suited for efficiently sending and receiving lengthy documents. *Color faxing and receiving is possible only when sent to or received by another fax machine with color capability.

Crisp, High Resolution Scans

The sheet-fed scanner offers up to 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution and 36-bit color scan depth. Users will find the Lexmark X125 perfect for scanning color photos and images to incorporate into business documents.

Photo-Quality Printing

The Lexmark X125 All-In-One Office Center features Lexmark’s award-winning core inkjet technology. With up to 2400 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution in black and color on all paper types and a seven-picoliter color drop size, text is sharp and photo-quality images are vivid and textured – giving business documents and presentations professional appeal.

General Specs

Part no. 13H0307
Print Technology
  • Thermal Inkjet
  • Color Copying
  • Color Faxing
  • Color Printing
  • Color Scanning
Media Sizes Supported
  • A2 Baronial, 7 3/4 Envelope, A6 Card, 9 Envelope, B5, C6 Envelope, A4, Custom (Up to 8.5 x 17", 216 x 432 mm), Legal, A5, Hagaki Card, Letter, B5 Envelope, Index Card, 4 x 6", Statement, C5 Envelope, Executive, DL Envelope, 6 3/4 Envelope, 10 Envelope
Standard Ports
  • USB Compatible with USB 2.0 Specification (Type B)
Size (mm - H x W x D)
  • 190.5 x 320.8 x 441.45 mm
  • 11.74 kg
Packaged Size (mm - H x W x D)
  • 289.56 x 401.32 x 497.84 mm
Packaged Weight, kg
  • 7.48 kg


Maximum Copy Speed †
  • Up to:
  • Colour: 5 cpm (Draft)
Reduce / Enlarge Range
  • 25 - 200% %


Maximum Print Speed †
  • Up to:
  • Black: 16 ppm (Draft)
  • Colour: 8 ppm (Draft)
Print Resolution
  • Black: Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Colour: Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi


Scanner Type
  • Sheetfed scanner
Scan Area
  • mm:
  • 216 x 297 mm (Maximum)
Scan Technology
  • CIS (Contact Image System)
Scan Resolution
  • Enhanced: Up to 4800 ppi
  • Optical: 600 x 1200
ADF Paper Input Capacity
  • Up to: 30 pages 20 lb or 75 gsm bond
ADF Input Paper Sizes
  • A4, Legal, Letter

Paper Handling

Media Types Supported
  • Hagaki Card, Index Card (3"x5"), Labels, Photo Paper, Iron-On Transfers, Card Stock, Plain Paper, Coated Paper, Transparencies, Envelopes
  • mm - H x W x D:
  • Trays Extended: 292 x 441 x 544 mm

Supported Operating Systems

Operating Systems Supported
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP

Electrical & Operation

Noise Level
  • Operating:
  • 45 dBA (Print)
  • 41 dBA (Copy)
  • 51 dBA (Scan)
  • 43212110

Drivers & Downloads

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Compatible downloads for

Files Type OS OS Version Languages Date Released Size Link
CJXP125LTC.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-09-10 6 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/CJXP125LTC.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR18211.html CJXP125LTC.EXE;X125;;V1.0.0.12
PR12KXPX125TC.EXE Patches Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-09-10 47 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125TC.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR17972.html PR12KXPX125TC.EXE;X125;;V1.0
CJXP125LSC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Chinese (China) 2009-08-22 6 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/CJXP125LSC.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR7458.html CJXP125LSC.EXE;X125;;V1.0.0.12
CJXP125LTC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-08-22 6 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/CJXP125LTC.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR10611.html CJXP125LTC.EXE;X125;;V1.0.0.12
PR12KXPX125GE.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP German 2009-08-22 48 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125GE.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR11410.html PR12KXPX125GE.EXE;X125;;V1.0
PR12KXPX125TC.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-08-22 47 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125TC.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR7471.html PR12KXPX125TC.EXE;X125;;V1.0
cjBX125IT.exe Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Italian 2009-08-22 18 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/cjBX125IT.exe;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR7721.html cjBX125IT.exe;X125;;V1.0.0.12
cjBx125FR.exe Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP French 2009-08-22 9 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/cjBx125FR.exe;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR13187.html cjBx125FR.exe;X125;;V1.0.0.12
CJXP125LB.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 6 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/CJXP125LB.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR2495.html CJXP125LB.EXE;X125;;V1.0.0.12
CJXP125LS.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Spanish 2009-08-21 6 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/CJXP125LS.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR5518.html CJXP125LS.EXE;X125;;V1.0.0.12
PR12KXPX125BP.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 48 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125BP.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR5492.html PR12KXPX125BP.EXE;X125;;V1.0
PR12KXPX125DU.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Dutch 2009-08-21 48 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125DU.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR4449.html PR12KXPX125DU.EXE;X125;;V1.0
PR12KXPX125FR.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP French 2009-08-21 48 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125FR.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR1556.html PR12KXPX125FR.EXE;X125;;V1.0
PR12KXPX125IT.EXE Patches Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 Italian 2009-08-21 49 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125IT.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR2384.html PR12KXPX125IT.EXE;X125;;v1.0
PR12KXPX125SC.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 47 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125SC.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR5985.html PR12KXPX125SC.EXE;X125;;V1.0
PR12KXPX125SP.EXE Patches Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Spanish 2009-08-21 48 KB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/PR12KXPX125SP.EXE;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR6290.html PR12KXPX125SP.EXE;X125;;V1.0
cjBX125GE.exe Driver Windows Windows XP, Windows 2000 German 2009-08-21 9 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/cjBX125GE.exe;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR1666.html cjBX125GE.exe;X125;;V1.0.0.12
cjbx125DU.exe Driver Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP Dutch 2009-08-21 9 MB https://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/cjbx125DU.exe;https://www.lexmark.com/content/iss/www-lexmark-com/en_ca/support/download.DR6285.html cjbx125DU.exe;X125;;V1.0.0.12