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In House Colour Print On Demand

Colour document in-house

When they ask  “who does your printing?” Just point down the hall.

Why Colour?

Bringing colour printing technologies into the workplace will improve internal and external communications. Ultimately, colour output technologies can dramatically improve the image you project, add more impact to your business communications, raise profits and reduce costs.

See how viewers experience Colour*:

  • Colour improves understanding by 73%1
  • Colour improves decision-making time by 70%2
  • People are 85% more likely to buy when an item is presented in colour3
  • Colour material is read first and read longer4
  • Ad readership increases by 52% if it is in colour5
  • Ads in the Yellow Pages get 44% more response when red is used5
  • Invoices in Colour are paid 30% faster6
  • Colour coding decreases error rates by up to 80% compared with non Colour-coded items7
  • Visual retrieval time of a document is reduced by 80% when there is Colour5
  • Brand identification increases by 70% when we use Colour5
  • Presentations and printed pages are perceived as 60% better when they are in Colour5
  • Colour increases recall in educational materials and training manuals by 60%5 

Lexmark is focused on helping customers choose and implement technologies that lower costs, refine processes, improve customer service levels and increase worker productivity.

Why Lexmark Colour?

Pantone® Calibration

You can create Colour-critical documents with confidence and ease. Most Lexmark colour laser and LED printers are evaluated and calibrated by the Pantone Corporation, the authoritative Colour experts.

Colour Matching with Spot Colour Replacement

Lexmark's colour matching technology Spot Colour Replacement is a new, exciting solution to protect the integrity of your brand’s colour for consistent, accurate results. The technology allows you to select and store your desired CMYK values to accurately match corporate spot colours.  The technology is embedded in the device eliminating the need for expensive software. The set up of this colour matching function is remarkably easy and quick.* 

* Spot Colour replacement is available on the following product families: CS310n, CS310dn, CS410n, CS410dn, CS410dtn, CS510de, CS510dte, CX310n, CX310dn, CX410e, CX410de, CX410dte, CX510de, CX510dhe, CX510dthe, C792, C925, C950, X548, X792, X925, X950, X952 and X954


If you are concerned about managing colour usage in your company, don't worry. Lexmark's ColorCare Technology lets you be in control of who can print in colour and provide useful tools to monitor colour usage and reduce the cost of colour printing

Media Handling

Whether you need to create folded brochures, print on heavy cardstock, labels or banners for instore signage, Lexmark has the answer. Lexmark colour printers offer outstanding media support and many can be expanded with finishing options, eliminating the need to outsource print jobs to print shops because of media- or finishing requirements

Controlled Process Toner

Our controlled process toner delivers a finer coat of toner particles on the paper. Image and text are crisp and clear, and graphics pop with colourful detail.

Colour Science

Our advanced Colour Science assures output consistency throughout our entire family of Colour laser printers. No matter which Lexmark printer you are using, the results will look fabulous—and familiar!

1. Elizabeth Hoadley: Loyola University 2. Case & Co., Management Consultants 3. Michael Kieran for the Wall Street Journal 4. Study by Dooley & Harkins 5. Jan V. White: Colour for Impact 6. Dataquest 7. Thorell & Smith

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