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Downtime Reports for Healthcare

Make a positive impact on productivity and care

No area of healthcare can afford to be compromised when a system goes down.

From admissions and scheduling to labs, surgery and nursing units, quality patient care can’t come to a halt just because your network has.

Whether your healthcare information system is down for routine maintenance—or due to a more serious cause—the number of documents involved in patient care is too critical to rely on manual backup processes for extended periods of time. Efficiency suffers and serious mistakes can occur when information isn’t available when required.

Records streamed and stored automatically

The solution: Lexmark Downtime Reports. This application uses Lexmark’s smart multifunction products (MFPs) to provide anytime access to patient forms, charts and reports—even during computer or network downtime.

The application streams clinical documents to your Lexmark MFPs throughout the day, storing them on the devices' secure hard drives. During a computer downtime or network failure, authorized users can still quickly print healthcare downtime reports, patient charts and other documents from any functional device simply by selecting them from the touch screen.

There’s no struggling to manually create backups of essential forms and records. Reports stay securely stored until needed, even if the MFP is powered down.

When downtime ends, documents can be scanned into the same device to quickly update electronic medical records.

Benefits of downtime reports in healthcare

  • Eliminate barriers that impede productivity and impact patient care
  • Maintain access to critical records
  • Promote ease of use by working with a familiar tool
  • Integrate easily into existing environments

Want to learn more?

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