RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing

Print, programme and customize labels and tags from a single device

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Take your RFID strategy to the next level

RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing lets you maintain your existing RFID processes, while eliminating common mix-ups and inaccuracies. By consolidating your printing and programming to a single Lexmark multifunction device, you’ll reduce confusion and increase the impact of RFID technology on your organization.


Easy to print, even easier to read

A single device for better quality and speed

Today’s RFID technology usually requires employees to print documents and labels from one device and programme the the RFID tag on another. That requires cumbersome infrastructure and manual steps that can cause mix-ups, slow-downs and costly errors.

RFID Laser Printing lets you consolidate printing and programming onto a single, multifunction device for increased speed and enhanced quality. RFID tags and corresponding process documents are all programmed and printed together in one integrated step for simplicity your employees will love. No more mismatched labels or managing multiple devices; just streamlined processing and automation that inspires confidence and control. 

A sight for sore eyes

Employees are often required to take note of multiple forms, labels and other visual indicators on a single item. Reading and processing that information quickly and accurately can be quite the challenge, especially since most RFID printers only support media up to 4” x 6” in size.

That’s why RFID Laser Printing supports printing labels and forms up to 8.5” x 14”. Now, you can print with larger fonts and integrated media for forms and labels that can be read at a glance, even from a distance. A wider format also allows you to print information that once spanned across several forms onto a single compound document to give employees a more immediate, complete view.

Colour where it counts

Studies show that colour labelling reduces errors, increases visibility and improves information retention. That sounds like a win-win-win. But most RFID printers only offer monochrome printing, and when all labels look the same, the important information they include can start to run together and go unnoticed.

RFID Laser Printing lets you introduce your forms and labels to the more vibrant world of colour. Adding coloured text to highlight important information can help distinguish between time sensitive shipments and standard delivery, reduce delays in locating work-in-progress, and help employees decipher tags sooner and with increased precision.

Security and tracking made easy

When it comes to security, manufacturers are vulnerable to both internal and external risk and attacks, and need reliable ways to protect intellectual property, trade secrets and sensitive operational data.

Since RFID technology gives you the ability to track the movement of critical documents, it’s easier to see where and how sensitive information is being used. And, with Lexmark’s RFID Laser Printing, you’ll be able to take that protection even further. Our solution lets you print and encode RFID on standard documents so the tag and page are synchronized, eliminating potential mismatch and improving accuracy of document tracking.

At work across your enterprise

Different manufacturing processes and work environments have their own set of needs and challenges when it comes to RFID printing. Lexmark’s RFID Laser printing adapts to those needs, and works in a number of different use cases across your enterprise.

  • Integrate, print and programme all packing and shipping forms on a single device.

  • Track work in progress without manual intervention.

  • Process inventory pallet labels faster with automated RFID scanning.

  • Simplify yard management with easy vehicle tracking and locating.

    Monitor access for more secure, reliable document tracking

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