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Banking sector in Europe opts for Lexmark solutions

Maidenhead, 17 March 2016

Lexmark today announced that its solutions are deployed in the overwhelming majority of leading banks in Europe. These solutions are helping banks to address the business challenges resulting from a rapidly transforming market sector. Lexmark is delivering solutions to 19 of the 20 largest banks in Europe by total assets (SNL Financial’s ranking of Europe’s 50 largest banks by total assets*, June, 2015), with deployments varying from hardware, software and service-based offerings. 

  • With a European client base for its banking solutions that includes 95% of the top 20 banks, Lexmark has extensive experience in solving critical issues that are affecting this sector. Banks are facing huge challenges with the evolution of online and mobile technology which is forcing a change in customer expectations, as well as promoting the growth of alternative financial services providers.
  • Lexmark solutions allow banks to improve efficiency by simplifying processes through a variety of offerings, including digitalisation and the acceleration of front and back office processes. This improved efficiency will enable banks to more effectively serve customers, improving satisfaction and retention, while also reducing operational costs as less time is spent on tasks such as account openings.
  • The flexibility and range of Lexmark’s solutions empowers banks to cope with the growing variety of changes taking place in the industry. This ability to cater to the different needs of banking customers is highlighted by findings that, of the 19 banks cited, very few have implemented the same type of solution. 

Supporting Quotes:

“Banks are under more pressure than ever in a world of 24/7 online access and the proliferation of alternative financial services providers. In this highly competitive environment the banks that are rising to the challenge are those that are focused on improving customer service and engagement by streamlining and automating processes at branch level. It is encouraging that 19 of Europe’s top 20 banks are choosing Lexmark to help them with this process.” – Tim Emens, EMEA Industry Director at Lexmark

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