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Perceptive Software is now Lexmark

In 2010, Lexmark International acquired Perceptive Software, and in that time we’ve come a long way together. Now, instead of traveling toward the same destination under two identities, we’re officially joining Lexmark as one universal brand.

It’s an understatement to say that the name Perceptive Software has served us well. With it and the help of our community of dedicated employees and customers, we’ve set ourselves apart as a technology innovator, a thought leader, and a great place to work.

As we officially join with Lexmark, we’ll continue to hold ourselves to that high bar and know we’ll be even better as one.

What this means for our customers

Throughout the Perceptive Software brand transition, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions that you may have about the change. Perceptive will continue on as a product name under the Lexmark umbrella, but in places like conferences and online, where you’d usually search for Perceptive Software, start looking for Lexmark. There you’ll find the same world-class solutions and people upon which you’ve come to rely.

What this means for everyone

Today’s Lexmark offers industry-leading enterprise softwarehardware and services that bridge the gap between your structured core business systems and the information that lies outside their view. With our technologies, connect your people to the information they need precisely when it’s needed so the right action can be taken instantly, and gain the visibility and control you need to better run your business.

You’ll find that our portfolio of solutions, combined with our deep industry knowledge and commitment to customer service, is powerful enough to solve even your toughest challenges, both today and tomorrow.

As one Lexmark, we will continue to foster a culture of inquiry, collaboration and responsiveness that supports our unwavering commitment to you, our customers and our partners. Because a new brand can only go so far. It’s you who drive our success and make us, well, us.

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