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BPOs revolutionise customers' back offices

For business process outsourcers (BPOs), a partnership with Lexmark serves as a powerful asset in your mission to reinvent back-office processes for maximum time and cost efficiencies in managing transactional tasks.

Our companies’ offerings create faster, more streamlined and more accurate workflows that revolutionise paper-based and manually intensive data-entry processes and save your customers’ hours and dollars.

When business process outsourcers team with Lexmark, they will:

  • Improve margins on transactional tasks such as the processing of invoices, orders, bills of lading, explanations of benefits (EOB), remittances and more.
  • Grow without constantly adding data-entry headcount.
  • On-board new customers faster, reducing time-to-revenue for new accounts.
  • Deliver unparalleled quality and value to maximise customer retention.

You’ll establish a relationship that supports critical functions across back-office departments on a common platform, encapsulating complete business process lifecycle management along with all related information. Embracing our best-in-class technology alongside your offering is central to achieving efficiency and accuracy in the back office while reducing risk, minimising overhead costs and accelerating time to revenue.

Explore our extensive range of industry-leading solutions to help customers better manage transactional task processing. They’ll strengthen and differentiate your product and service offering and enhance your customers’ back-office processes.

Its ability to integrate with any host application was a decisive factor in selecting Lexmark.

Jay Kallam Business Analyst JWT