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Lexmark Z45se

Part no.: 18H0772


  • Thermal Inkjet

Product Description

Flexible Printing

Photo quality

Photo Quality perfection up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.


Print up to 15 pages per minute in black, and 9 pages in colour...

Job finishing

The business-class option gives you double-sided printing, multi-page printing (up to 16 copies per A4 page) as well as poster and booklet format printing.

Sharp black text

Experience laser sharp black text: super sharp and waterproof.

Ease of use

User-friendly software and easy-to-operate cartridges and paper changing makes printing fun and simple for everyone.


Windows and Mac compatible

General Specs

Part no. 18H0772
Print Technology
  • Thermal Inkjet
Media Sizes Supported
  • Kakugata 6, 7 3/4 Envelope, 9 Envelope, A4, Legal, A5, Letter, B5 Envelope, 4 x 6", C5 Envelope, DL Envelope, 6 3/4 Envelope, Chokei 3, Chokei 4, Chokei 40, Kakugata 3, Kakugata 4, Kakugata 5, A2 Baronial, A6 Card, B5, C6 Envelope, Custom (Up to 216 x 432 mm), Hagaki Card, Index Card, Executive, 10 Envelope
Standard Ports
  • USB Compatible with USB 2.0 Specification
Size (in. - H x W x D)
  • 7.3 x 17.5 x 9.6 in.
Size (mm - H x W x D)
  • 186 x 445 x 245.5 mm
Packaged Size (in. - H x W x D)
  • 11.13 x 13.14 x 19.4 in.
Packaged Size (mm - H x W x D)
  • 283 x 334 x 493 mm
Packaged Weight, lb.
  • 9.4 lbs.
Packaged Weight, kg
  • 4.26 kg


Maximum Print Speed
  • Up to:
  • Draft mono: 15 ppm
  • Draft colour: 9 ppm
Print Resolution
  • Black: Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Colour: Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi

Paper Handling

Media Types Supported
  • Banner (A4 or Letter), Hagaki Card, Index Card (3"x5"), Labels, Photo Paper, Iron-On Transfers, Card Stock, Plain Paper, Coated Paper, Transparencies, Envelopes
  • mm - H x W x D:
  • Trays Extended: 10.8 x 17.5 x 20.3 in.
  • Trays Extended: 276 x 445 x 516 mm

Supported Operating Systems

Operating Systems Supported
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple Mac OS X (10.1-10.2.6), Apple Mac OS 8.6, Apple Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2.2

Electrical & Operation

Noise Level
  • Operating:
  • 45 dBA (Print)
  • 43212104

Drivers & Downloads

Stay up to date with the latest security and other new features, and improve your productivity. Your Lexmark device performs best when you download the most recent drivers and firmware. Sign up for firmware alerts now.

Compatible downloads for Lexmark Z45se

Files Type OS OS Version Languages Date Released Size Link
CJXP45LTC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-12-14 11 MB; CJXP45LTC.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LTC.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Chinese (Taiwan) 2009-12-02 11 MB; CJ2045LTC.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LA.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Arabic 2009-08-22 12 MB; CJ2045LA.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LC.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Czech 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LC.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LD.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Danish 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LD.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LH.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Hungarian 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LH.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LP.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Polish 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LP.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LS.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Spanish 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LS.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LSW.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Swedish 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LSW.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LU.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Dutch 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJ2045LU.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LB.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJXP45LB.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Czech 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJXP45LC.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LD.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Danish 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJXP45LD.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LFI.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Finnish 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJXP45LFI.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LH.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Hungarian 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJXP45LH.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LHE.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Hebrew 2009-08-22 12 MB; CJXP45LHE.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LSC.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Chinese (China) 2009-08-22 11 MB; CJXP45LSC.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045GR.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Greek 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045GR.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LB.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Portuguese (Brazil) 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LB.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LF.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 French 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LF.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LFI.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Finnish 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LFI.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LG.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 German 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LG.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LHE.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Hebrew 2009-08-21 12 MB; CJ2045LHE.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LI.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Italian 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LI.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LJ.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Japanese 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LJ.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LN.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Norwegian 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LN.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LR.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Russian 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LR.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJ2045LSC.EXE Driver Windows Windows 2000 Chinese (China) 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJ2045LSC.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45GR.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Greek 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45GR.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LA.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Arabic 2009-08-21 12 MB; CJXP45LA.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LF.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP French 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LF.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LG.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP German 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LG.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LI.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Italian 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LI.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LJ.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Japanese 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LJ.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LN.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Norwegian 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LN.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LP.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Polish 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LP.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LR.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Russian 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LR.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LS.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Spanish 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LS.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LSW.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Swedish 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LSW.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0
CJXP45LU.EXE Driver Windows Windows XP Dutch 2009-08-21 11 MB; CJXP45LU.EXE;Z45 Color Jetprinter;;V3.0.3.0