Accounts Payable Automation

Free your AP department from the constraints of manual processes

Without efficient business processes in place, your accounts payable department is likely costing your organisation heavily. Manual or paper-based invoice and document processing are among the worst offenders.

Automation of those processes delivers quick wins as it improves your day-to-day visibility of financial status (regarding current projects, for example) and provides a better basis for business decisions. It’s about saving money, gaining control of your business processes, and recouping a significant amount of valuable time for your organisation.

Accounts payable (AP) automation with Lexmark enables better control of received and invoiced goods, automatic purchase order matching, optional automatic invoice posting, enhanced security, less manual work, shorter total processing time, improved data quality, decreased total cost for supplier handling and early notification of errors.

No matter where you are in your journey to accounts payable automation or how many invoices your organisation handles, Lexmark software for accounts payable automation can improve your processes. Here's how:

  • A range of capture technology to get invoices into your system quickly and accurately
  • Workflow that works with (and within) your ERP to eliminate “lost” invoices and simplify audits
  • Content management that connects documents with transactions and makes them accessible from within your current systems for decision making support
  • All delivered via cloud, premise or a combination; subscription-based and SaaS—whatever is best for your organisation

Four steps to planning your AP automation project

Step 1: Paperless Office Maturity Model

The Institute of Financial Operations and Lexmark launched this easy-to-use, online diagnostic tool to give financial professionals a way to gauge how mature their AP processes are.

Step 2: Business Value Calculator

Data entry … manual approvals … filing and storage costs … “lost” invoices. Inefficiency in AP is costing your organisation, but exactly how much? Find out in minutes how AP automation might pay off for your organisation with this AP Business Value Calculator.

Step 3: Selling your technology project to executives

Selling Your Technology Project to Executives explains how to calculate the total value of your project to your organisation. The report also includes a presentation outline and follow-up strategies.

Sell your technology project

Step 4: Talk to the experts

We’re ready to talk AP Automation whenever you are. Contact us to find out more about Lexmark software for AP automation.

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Lexmark Acquires Kofax

Kofax technology adds clarity and speed to your AP operations.

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