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Enrollment Services

Fuel efficiencies for faster, more informed decisions

Enrollment services departments – admissions, financial aid and registrar – are at the forefront of the higher education experience. Your primary responsibility is to attract and enroll the best students, with the support of efficient enrollment and decision processes.

With solutions from Lexmark, you can simplify enrollment processing, make financial aid award decisions quickly, speed student registration changes, support FERPA compliance and streamline credit evaluation from transcripts. Enrollment services software from Perceptive helps you control the large amount of paperwork involved in your daily business processes, for faster decisions and greater accessibility to critical information at the moment it’s needed.

Advanced capture, content, process and search solutions, including Perceptive Content and Perceptive Nolij Web, give users the flexibility of a fully web-based font end for interacting with documents and workflow, while adding the ability to provide integrated forms and Internet-based scanning capabilities. These solutions accelerate the processing of student records by eliminating time-consuming tasks associated with toggling back and forth between host systems and student documents.

At the start of each semester, before graduation, and at any other peak activity time, our enrollment services software removes the stress of paper shuffling and inefficient processes, freeing up enrollment service staff to meet students’ needs quickly and more efficiently.

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