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Financial Aid Software

Make informed award decisions faster

An ever-increasing percentage of students are requesting financial aid to further their education. As a professional, removing barriers to financing an education is one of your most important responsibilities.

Now you and your team can efficiently manage financial aid documents, even during peak times when submissions are flooding into your department. Whether submitted via mail, email, fax, your school’s web site or any other method, our process and content management solutions enable you to simplify the verification of data between your SIS and financial aid files, allowing you to make award decisions faster than ever before.

With our financial aid software, your team can:

  • Maximize return on investment by strategically utilizing existing resources
  • Improve student service and increase access to education
  • Streamline the collection of complete packets
  • Simplify verification and speed award processing
  • Reduce costs associated with misplaced documents and lost files

Perceptive Software from Lexmark at Work

College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) financial aid office employs Our financial aid software solution to process thousands of files each year. The solution imports documents, links them to student records in CSM’s student information system and makes the updated files available to enrollees via their user accounts in the college’s student services system. CSM has cut in half the time it takes to process each document.

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