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Employee Direct Access

Lexmark's content management solutions seamlessly integrate with your HR portals, including PeopleSoft, Infor Lawson, Microsoft SharePoint or other familiar portals, giving employees easy access to authorised digital images and electronic documents in their own personnel files.

When employees have direct access to their own documents online in an HR portal, they feel more empowered, and your HR staff can focus on their work without constant interruption.

Using Perceptive solutions for employee HR portals, you can:

  • Allow employees online access to their documents, while limiting access to confidential details
  • Integrate with any HR portal, including Microsoft SharePoint portals, providing a user-friendly environment
  • Free your staff from tedious administrative tasks
  • Easily track each time a document is accessed for internal or external audits

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Employee Portal for Sharepoint

[PDF 996.58 KB]

Give employees secure yet convenient access to personal documents, such as W-2s and benefits elections, through a SharePoint portal.

Capgemini Nederland B.V.
Capgemini selected Lexmark solutions to extend personnel access to employees in multiple locations. Criteria for the selection included integrations with SAP HR and Oracle Financials systems.