MS71x Return Program Fuser Maintenance kit, 220-240V, Type 13

Part no.: 40X8531


  • User Replaceable Parts

Product Description

The fuser maintenance kit contains the fuser, 3 pick rollers, a transfer roller and 3 separation rollers. Check the 2 digit type code on the fuser, or check Device Information using the embedded web server or the menus page for a replacement part number.

Replacing fuser maintenance kit

There are multiple warnings to indicate that the fuser is nearing end of life and that a maintenance kit is required, including error codes 80.0x, 80.1x, and 80.2x. If you receive error code 80.3x, the fuser has reached its rated life and the printer stops until a maintenance kit is installed. You must install the correct Fuser Maintenance Kit for the type of fuser that is installed in the printer.

Lexmark Return Program

Lexmark Return Program fusers are patented devices that are sold at a special price subject to the restriction that the fuser may be used only once. Following the initial use, the customer agrees to return the fuser only to Lexmark for remanufacture and/or recycling. The Return Program fusers are designed to stop working once they reach their respective rated life (as established by Lexmark). If the customer does not accept these terms, replacement fusers sold without these terms are available through

General Specs

Part no. 40X8531
Average Yield
  • 200,000 pages

Electrical & Operation

  • 44103004
Country of Origin
  • China (PRC)

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