Managed print services enhances sustainability and your bottom line

Projected sustainability benefits for a large healthcare organization.


Five tips for sustainability success with MPS:

  1. Collect baseline measures, before your engagement begins.
  2. Work with an MPS provider with a proven track record of helping their customers reduce the number of pages printed.
  3. Engage employees by sharing success metrics along the way.
  4. Ensure your MPS partner is a leader in cartridge collection and recycling processes.
  5. Celebrate success and strive for even better results! Your employees will appreciate working for an organization that cares about sustainability. 


Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator Version 3.2.1. For more information visit  United States EPA and EIA reference data were also utilized.

How’s this for a win-win situation? Improving your operational efficiency with Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) also delivers significant and measurable environmental benefits.

Here’s how:  At the onset of an MPS engagement, your MPS partner should have the capability to assess the current environmental impact from how your organization uses print and imaging technologies today. That way, data will be collected before any changes are made so that continuous operational and environmental improvements can be measured going forward. 

Through optimization, workflow efficiencies, print fleet management and print avoidance solutions, the potential sustainability benefits are significant.

Here’s why: By using the latest and more efficient ENERGY STAR® devices, you reduce energy consumption. By reducing the number of devices in your fleet and consolidating single-function printers, faxes, copiers and scanners into multifunction products (MFPs), you use less energy. In addition, through using devices with high-capacity consumables and actively engaging in a recycling program, you prevent waste from going into landfills, which adds to your organization’s overall sustainability efforts. 

What’s more, we’ve found that how much paper your users consume could account for up to 80% of the environmental impact from using print and imaging devices. Once the instrumentation is in place, you can measure, monitor and find new opportunities within your enterprise to further reduce the pages consumed. 

According to the IDC Future Scape:  Worldwide Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions (IPDS) 2017 Predictions: “Paper reduction initiatives will help companies save over $1.5 billion worldwide on supplies and paper.” IDC notes that environmental initiatives are a key force driving paper reduction.

IDC also indicates: “Partnering with a Managed Print and Document Services (MPDS) provider gives companies access to current and ongoing technology and print and document expertise that may not be available within an organization.”1

An expert MPS provider can help you reduce waste, decrease unnecessary paper in your business processes and drive down energy consumption so your organization can potentially gain measurable financial and sustainability benefits.

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[1] IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions 2017 Predictions; November 2016, IDC #US41863316