Advanced Output Management for Healthcare

Healthcare print queues and output environments are easy to manage and highly reliable

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Output management simplified

Lexmark’s Advanced Output Management software for healthcare organisations provides fast, accurate delivery of healthcare information, each and every time. Unlike corporate printing solutions, Lexmark’s offer combines durable, easy-to-use printers with advanced queue management software.

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Output management optimised

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Impacts on operating budgets, patient care

There is little room in a clinician’s busy day to manage the bottlenecks associated with paper processes; and yet many find themselves spending valuable time troubleshooting output problems. In addition, calls to the help desk mean IT resources get pulled away from other mission-critical tasks. And that’s just the beginning of challenges hospitals face in trying to manage the many complexities of output management.

Speed output in every department

Lexmark’s Advanced Output Management solution for healthcare organisations provides fast, accurate delivery of information each and every time. Unlike industry-generic printing solutions, Lexmark combines durable, easy to use printers with advanced queue management software and print auditing capabilities for a highly reliable output management solution customisable for your hospital’s needs.

Simplify your print environment

Whether you are looking to lower operational expenses, reduce IT burdens or speed care to patients, Advanced Output Management delivers powerful features to add value to every step of output processes.

You can simplify incident investigation and audit compliance with end-user tracking and detailed information of all print activity across the enterprise. Device and system availability stays high with customisable queue re-routing settings and advanced notifications. You’ll gain increased visibility with a single point of control for all print queues, even in Epic environments. Best of all, you’ll save money and reduce support burdens. 

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