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Case Management

Scan case file documents and send to electronic filing systems within seconds

Federal government agencies are finding ways to better manage and share case file information. Traditional case management processes relied heavily on paper causing many problems like lost or misfiled documents, storage space shortage, document security in case of emergency or disaster, and limitations in information sharing. Lexmark intelligent multifunction printers (MFPs) help agencies better manage case file paper-based information.

Whether it be a legislative case, court documents, or a personnel file that needs to be managed, Lexmark MFPs ease the capture and digitisation of paper documents into electronic case folders through an easy-to-use, intuitive, colour touch-screen interface. Case workers can scan paper documents on the spot and send them to the eCase File system within seconds; this information is now electronically available to all pertinent folks within the agency and can also be disseminated across different agencies. There is no longer a need to pack and ship these documents to a central location for scanning, thus eliminating time delays.

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