Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Recycling for Individuals

You can be part of the circular economy.

Sustainable options for individuals using very few cartridges per year.

Lexmark is making great strides in resources preservation while helping you reduce waste and increase the number of remanufactured products.

Small Postal Box

This small box is intended for the return of 4 - 5 Lexmark cartridges. Please click below to order your box. We will deliver it for free to your address. Once you’ve filled it, simply take it to your nearest post office. The shipment is pre-paid by Lexmark.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program logo

WEEE local recycling

Individuals that do not want to use the small postal box are invited to refer to their own local environmental resources. Lexmark finances a collective scheme to fulfill its WEEE obligations. 


This Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme is operated and financed by Lexmark. This is our contribution to resources preservation and a true example of circular economy’s best practices where the value of the cartridge and materials is maintained for as long as possible. Lexmark established the LCCP programme in addition to any contractual or statutory environmental regulation such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. Any contractual or statutory waste disposal option that the end-user may be entitled to use remains unaffected.