MS71x Fuser Maintenance kit, 220-240V, Type 19

Part no.: 40X8534


  • User Replaceable Parts

Product Description

The fuser maintenance kit contains the fuser, 3 pick rollers, a transfer roller and 3 separation rollers. Check the 2 digit type code on the fuser, or check Device Information using the embedded web server or the menus page for a replacement part number.

Replacing fuser maintenance kit

There are multiple warnings to indicate that the fuser is nearing end of life and that a maintenance kit is required, including error codes 80.0x, 80.1x, and 80.2x. If you receive error code 80.3x, the fuser has reached its rated life and the printer stops until a maintenance kit is installed. You must install the correct Fuser Maintenance Kit for the type of fuser that is installed in the printer.

General Specs

Part no. 40X8534
Average Yield
  • 200,000 pages

Electrical & Operation

  • 44103004
Country of Origin
  • China (PRC)

Lexmark MS711dn

Lexmark MS711dn

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