Lexmark Secure by Design

Secure your printer fleet with the industry’s most comprehensive device and software portfolio, right out of the box.

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Lexmark Secure by Design
Protect devices and data with Lexmark's comprehensive approach to security.

​Protect every facet of print security


Enhance printer security with industry-leading hardware and firmware

Protect your most valuable data at every point on the network

Simplify print management while increasing security

Ensure compliance with third-party certifications

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Secure Device
Lexmark printers and MFPs support a robust security offering for endpoint protections and system hardening. Our advanced security capabilities allow users to minimise threats and vulnerabilities, while enhancing our customers’ technology investment.

Secure Data
Lexmark devices contain a broad array of carefully engineered features to both enhance the security of data that is stored on the device and help prevent malicious users from gaining access to confidential information.

Secure Network
From disabling unnecessary features to locking down device interfaces and securing the data they contain, Lexmark devices include a wide range of embedded features to harden a device against attacks. 

Secure Remote Management
To meet the demands of effectively managing a fleet of networked printers, Lexmark devices have the remote management security features you need—they permit only authorised personnel to configure the device for network access.

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Secure Fleet Management
Lexmark Security Management solutions are a critical part of the security ecosystem, allowing administrators to easily manage fleets while ensuring devices remain in compliance with our customer’s security posture.

Security Solutions
Lexmark offers innovative hardware and software solutions that extend the capabilities of the device and help protect your organisation’s most sensitive data.

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Security Strategies
Lexmark responds to data threats with a systematic approach that encompasses the device, the fleet and the entire network infrastructure. Our understanding of network environments and relevant security threats gives us the expertise to create unique solutions that secure your data in every possible way.

Security Services
Lexmark provides next-level print security by offering two solutions within Managed Print Services (MPS) Security Services: Security Assessment to identify risks, vulnerabilities and security opportunities, and Configuration Management to protect printing and scanning ecosystems with standardisation and ongoing monitoring.

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Security Standards
As part of our comprehensive approach to security, Lexmark achieves certifications for comprehensive industry and government standards, and these capabilities have been validated and certified by recognised third- party organisations.

Security Governance
The Lexmark Security Governance team is responsible for ensuring safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Lexmark’s comprehensive approach to security helps our customers protect sensitive information by delivering highly secure products and services across every industry.

Third-party certifications
Validated security to protect your organisation

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