Lexmark Equipment Collection Program

Lexmark Equipment Collection Programme (LECP)

Recycling and remanufacturing options for end-of-life Lexmark printers. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Lexmark offers a responsible choice for disposal of end-of-life printers. Through LECP, Lexmark also provides additional options to give new life to your equipment.

This programme does not apply to warranty issues for Lexmark printers. For warranty exchange or service for a printer still under warranty, please follow the instructions included with the product. 

Compliance process

Lexmark or its direct representatives are financing a national collective scheme. All products with electronic content are labelled per WEEE specifications and are following the European Standard EN50419.

Contact Swico Distribution offices 

Based on the Customs Treaty between Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a considerable part of the Swiss legislation has been declared applicable by the government of Liechtenstein to its territory. This includes the WEEE collection and the treatment is essentially organised by the Swiss collective schemes.
Business users are invited to contact Swico to dispose of their end-of-life equipment.