Million-page MFPs

Buyers Laboratory (BLI) proves Lexmark MFP reliability with demanding million-page test of CX860dte.

Simulating extreme usage in a controlled setting validates a product’s quality and reliability like nothing else can. And it proves how well a device driven to the limits of its original performance specifications--and beyond--is likely to meet more typical usage demands, as well.

That’s why Lexmark asked the acclaimed Buyers Laboratory (BLI) to put our CX860 Series workgroup MFP through the strenuous demands of a condensed million-page test--the printer world’s version of a grueling endurance car race.

The Extended Reliability Performance Test represents about two years of real-world usage (based on recommended monthly print volume of 50,000 pages) in just 46 days. In actuality, the test likely simulates several years of volume since many environments don’t consistently print to the upper limit of the recommendation.

The test’s results prove the Series’ reliability, with BLI praising the devices for “virtually flawless performance throughout the test . . .” and “outstanding reliability performance in high-volume office environments…” BLI technicians also found the Series’ print and quality copy above average in their category, and confirmed “Output quality and colour production remained consistent throughout the course of the test.”

Download BLI’s complete extended reliability test report on the Lexmark CX860 Series, including detailed test data and output quality samples.

Reliability runs in the family

The CX860 Series aren’t the only products winning accolades from BLI. BLI awarded the CS725 and CS820 Series colour printers and the CX825 and CX860 their Summer 2016 Pick Awards.

2016 Color Printer Series Wins BLI Buyers Lab Pick