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Business Area: Finance


  • Process & Controls group is a supporting arm of the Accounting Department in ensuring operational effectiveness, efficiency and economical processes. The group is responsible for the following:
    • Assisting external auditors during the interim and year-end integrated audit.
    • Evaluating business processes and systems to identify potential and existing control weaknesses and facilitate implementation of preventive and corrective measures for the accounting organization as planned by accounting management.
    • Reviewing financial & operating systems for adequate management controls & efficiency, identifying root causes of operational concerns & evaluating compliance w/ policies, regulations & accounting procedures.
    • Recommending appropriate, practical and ad-hoc solutions to changes in internal controls as a result of changes to policies, systems, procedures and workflows.
    • Partnership with External and Internal Auditors
    • Coordinates closely with internal and external auditors in the conduct of the audit to minimize interruption to the process owners.
    • Ensures external auditors are given adequate and timely assistance in the conduct of the audit.
    • Serves as a point of contact between Control Owners and the Audit Teams.
    • Leads and coordinates (on certain processes) with process owners in the readiness during walkthroughs performed by External Auditors.
    • Drives zero aged internal audit findings in the Accounting organization through monitoring of closure.
    • Process & Controls, Analysis and Reporting
    • Conducts process reviews (controls or substantive testing) as agreed with management. Processes reviewed may cover teams outside the Accounting organization such as, but not limited to Finance, GSCO and Financial Operations.
    • Identifies control gaps, assess impact to financial statements, propose and develop management action. These will be communicated to stakeholders for their action.
    • Drives or supports functional areas in the remediation of Internal and External audit findings.
    • Assists Accounting functional teams in gathering and understanding trends to develop tactical and strategic processes to support team goals.
    • Collaborates with relevant parties to ensure that accounting organization’s objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently.

Competencies, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Knowledge:
    • Possesses a level of understanding of the applications and process flow to allow 1st level troubleshooting &/or resolution
    • Working knowledge in SAP
    • Possesses broad knowledge on industry practice & business operations.
    • Comprehension &/or application of COBC
  • Skills:
    • Analysis & Problem-Solving
    • Demonstrates ability to resolve diverse problems, and to understand the importance of structure, organization, resource management
    • Possesses ability to comprehensively analyze and interpret policies, procedures and situations in a multifaceted way
    • Possesses strong problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions to complex issues
    • Organizational Skills, Priorities, Deadlines
    • Organizational and time management skills sufficient to independently establish priorities and coordinate and complete competing assignments within established timeframes
    • Ability to maintain organized records
    • Ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings, orientations, trainings
    • Ability to make timely follow-through
    • Computer and Technology Skills
    • Possesses intermediate skill level on MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    • Efficiency and optimal use of resources
    • High proficiency in oral and written English
    • Has a degree of persuasiveness to influence stakeholders on process improvements

Education, Experience, and Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • Education
    • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy with strong academic records.
  • Experience
    • Preferably a minimum of 3 years audit-related work experience
    • CPA is required (external hiring requirement)
    • Accounting graduate ( internal hiring is preferred)
    • Relate quality and process review back ground.

You may send your application to