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Business Area: Service Delivery

Job Summary    

Employees in this job are responsible for creation of product information documents required for worldwide technical support and service of Lexmark’s Printer and Software Solutions products. The individual will develop knowledgebase content such as technical service bulletins, troubleshooting guides and other product quality information to be used by worldwide support and service audiences including technical support agents, service technicians, and end-users via

The individual works with multiple departments to analyze customer feedback, knowledgebase content and usage, and solutions from technical escalations to determine what information is needed to help customers and call center agents resolve technical or usage problems.

To develop information, the individual interacts with service departments and engineering teams to obtain relevant material such as photos, videos, diagrams, instructions, and procedures to develop complete and well organized documents. The employee conducts disciplined reviews using subject matter experts to ensure information is accurate and disseminated in a timely manner.

Successful execution will improve call center effectiveness and increase customer’s ability to resolve problems, and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Check, verify, and respond to suggested changes to knowledgebase documents.
  • Identify solutions through product quality meetings, technical escalation processes, and engineering change activity
  • Content Development: Following established document guidelines and best practices for web Content Development, create well organized and easy-to-read documents for the support knowledgebase repository.


  • Educational Attainment Graduate of any 4-year Bachelors degree
  • Job Experience At least 2-year relevant experience in customer support content, such as knowledgebase articles, FAQs, product manuals and online user guides.

Skills Requirements:

  • Highly proficient in English writing skills
  • Proficient and advance knowledge in Microsoft Office applications
  • Experience in technical writing and development of customer facing documentation and instructions
  • Basic knowledge in Content Management, Information and Process Mapping
  • Additional Skills Preferences (not required)
    • Fundamental knowledge of Lexmark Printer products including hardware, software, and customer applications
    • Familiarity with technical support and customer call center processes
    • Experience in leading projects and other tasks
    • Ability to prepare and deliver presentations
    • Familiarity with applications commonly used for web and rich media content development (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premire Pro, etc.)
    • Knowledge of web design principles and best practices (e.g. HTML, CSS, SEO, etc.)
    • Self-motivated, team player – ability to identify and resolve problems, and improve processes and efficiency within area of responsibility.
    • Knowledge and exposure in Artificial Intelligence Interaction Designs
    • Experience in writing content for an AI Chatbot​
    • Experience in information management​

Other Skills:

  • Self-motivated, team player – ability to identify and resolve problems, and improve processes and efficiency within area of responsibility.
  • Has the ability to develop consultative relationships with key departments that are involved in the information “loop”.
  • Can maintain positive and productive work ethics under conditions of complexity and constant change.
  • A champion in promoting team work, collaborative planning, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Knows how to handle confidential and sensitive data or information
  • Pro-active and customer focused
  • Resourceful and self-initiated
  • Works with speed and urgency
  • Dynamic and flexible to changes

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