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Business Area: Market to Lead

The Content Administrator is responsible for setting up and maintaining the eCommerce sites.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for catalog and price updates on (ATG/BCC work)
  • Responsible for creating customized catalogs for Enterprise accounts in third party eProcurement systems
  • Responsible for attending customer site reviews with internal team
  • Responsible for content layout based on customer requirements and best practices
  • Responsible for updating sites and content according to changes in contracts or needs
  • Assess tools and systems to better enable efficiencies


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Process oriented
  • Business and results driven
  • Strong product knowledge
  • Online customer savvy
  • Works well independently and with a cross-functional team
  • Proficient in English – need to communicate with people all over the world for the content on and B2B sites.
  • Systems:
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Ariba Supplier Network
    • Lexmark eCommerce tool
    • LPMD
    • ATG-BCC
    • Other systems Lexmark may integrate with for customers

Education and Experience:

  • Education:
    • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from an accredited college or university, preferably a major in Marketing
  • Experience:
    • Minimum 2 years experience working in a business environment
    • Preferably has experience in updating website content

You may send your application to