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Business Area: Connected Technology

Job Purpose:

Primarily responsible for the creation and management of Purchase Orders (PO) for Connected Technology and in particular Global IT and Software investment initiatives. Ensure goods receipt and invoice posting occur in a timely manner and reconciles PO and Invoice data, as necessary. Acts as liaison to external vendors, IT project managers and financial analysts on matters related to purchase orders for Global IT Projects and IT Software.

Communicates with the financial analyst to understand impacts to outlook and validate actuals are correct.

Key Roles & Responsibilities / Key Job Functions:

  • PO Creation for IT Projects and Software Renewals
    • Creates ServiceNow ticket for Statement of Work and Change Request drafts received so it routes to Sourcing and Legal for review
    • Create Purchase Requests for fully-executed SOWs, Change Requests, Quotes, Renewal Order Forms
    • Follow up approvers to get Purchase Requests approvals moving
    • Once fully approved, sends PO copy to SOW or CR contacts (Project Manager, Vendor Contact, Global Sourcing Manager)
    • Ensure each PO is included in the project outlook file
  • PO Management
    • Perform monthly PO confirmations to recognize expense
    • Ensure vendor invoices are processed for payment, timely and accurately
    • Sends invoices received from vendors to AP Team for processing
    • For invoices with incorrect PO Number referenced, provide correct PO Number and send to AP Team for reprocessing
    • For unprocessed invoices due to insufficient PO balance, review all prior invoices and communicate with Project Manager to determine if overage is valid. If valid, request for Change Request to be initiated. CR needs to be fully executed before PO can be edited to increase amount or before supplemental PO can be created. Once PO balance is available, resubmit pending invoice for reprocessing.
    • For unprocessed invoices due to lack of information on line item distribution, resubmit invoice with line item distribution details to AP Team for reprocessing
    • For invoices posted on incorrect PO (due to incorrect PO Number referenced), communicate with AP Team to reverse invoice entry. Resubmit invoice with correct PO Number to AP Team for reprocessing
    • For change in charging details, confirm new charging info and edit PO.
    • Respond to inquiries on which email address PO copy was automatically sent to
    • Perform return receipts for over-confirmations made on Pos
    • Request to close POs without any balance left or those that are no longer expecting further invoices
    • Process approved early payment requests in Fiori
    • On Year-end, ensure that all PRs are approved before end of December and corresponding confirmations are made on or before December 31st. Otherwise, submit accrual JE.
  • Liaison
    • Liaise with internal Lexmark teams.
    • Follow up with Sourcing on fully-executed SOWs and Change Requests
    • Communicate with Project Managers as to the charging details and invoicing frequency. May be required to generate and submit reports to IT Project Managers on an adhoc basis.
    • Contacts PTR Financial Analyst to ensure PO is included in the project outlook.
    • Communicate and maintain contact with vendors
    • Address refund/credit memo inquiries from vendors
    • Respond to payment follow up inquiries

Competencies, Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Working knowledge in SAP ERP preferred
  • Ability to complete tasks effectively, efficiently and within expected timelines.
  • Strong focus on accuracy and attention to details.
  • Effective English language skills, verbal and written communications.

Education, Experience & Basic Requirements:

  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Finance, or other related background.
  • At least two years experience in Accounting, Finance, or Purchasing work.
  • Preferably with IT background. 

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