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Business Area: Order to Cash

Key Roles and Responsibilities/Key Job Functions:

    • Prepares the SAP financial invoice for large accounts covered by Lexmark contracts.
    • Prepares the final required customer supporting documentation that fits the specific requirements of the respective customers.
    • Works closely with respective teams to accommodate changes in customer requirements and acts on them and incorporate the changes in the process to come up with the new set of customer requirements.
    • Actively monitors the assigned accounts on its status in the billing process to ensure invoices are delivered in a timely manner based on Lexmark’s commitment date of delivery as pre-agreed with the customer.
    • Delivers the SAP invoice and its supporting documents to the customer, either through electronic mail, snail mail or forwards to the Customer Operations teams who takes charge in the final delivery.
    • Recognizes the revenue of the respective accounts handled, primarily through the invoicing process or secondarily through creation/submission of accounting journal entries if for operational reasons the invoicing process cannot be executed.
    • Works with related MPS teams to determine revenue recognition in terms of timing, criteria and accuracy of amount.
    • Ultimately responsible in gathering the requirements necessary to meet revenue criteria before final recognition.
    • Ensures revenue is hitting/allocated to the appropriate revenue sub-accounts by checking the system generated accounting entries. For cases that the automatic accounting break-up of the revenue is not yet set-up (for new orders), determines the break-up allocation and calculates & submits journal entries to distribute revenue to the appropriate revenue sub-account.
    • Works with related MPS team to determine and book the cost component of the revenue item being recognized.
    • Helps capturing other MPS revenues, recognized outside the defined MPS process by creating re-class journal entries to transfer the revenue from another profit center to the MPS profit center.
    • Works with internal audit team in maintaining established controls for revenue recognition.
    • Acts as the customer’s secondary point of contact in Lexmark, next to Customer Operations Managers (COM) to help customers raise concerns related to their service billings and other related matters.
    • Liaise with appropriate Lexmark teams to help the faster resolution of customers billing concerns.
    • Works closely with Customer Management Center (CMC) team to help clean and clear customers receivable ledgers to the extent of helping resolve the issues and potential issues of customers.

Education, Experience & Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • Education: A Bachelor of Science degree, preferably in Accountancy or Management Accounting, Engineering
  • Experience: Minimum 1 year work experience, preferably in any of the finance/accounting field
  • Licenses & Certifications: no minimum requirement

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