Business Area: Onboarding to Resolution - Customer Data Management 

Job Purpose/Mission/Summary

The Customer Contract Management Analyst primary objective is to ensure that the MPS Contracts are in place and stipulations are in the SAP/Siebel system. This process involves New Account setup in Siebel and the creation of Configurable Part Numbers (CPNs) that, upon release in the Production, triggers the MPS Order to Cash process & Revenue Recognition, Allocation and Recording of respective Hardware Assets, Annuities, Consumables and Adhoc/Toner Reconciliations. This process also augments the process of determining whether a transaction is considered Capital or Operating Lease.

The CCM Analyst works closely with respective Cebu Business Operations (Asset Management, Consumable Management, Toner Reconciliation), Geo Internal Customers (Business Operations Manager-BOM, Customer Operation Manager-COM, Customer Operation Specialist-COS, Deployment Project Coordinator), Accounting (MPS Revenue) and other cross-functional teams/process experts in bridging/surfacing identified gaps in the process and communicating these to stakeholders and Country counterparts in a timely manner.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • CCM ANALYST ROLE - General:
    • Lexmark Services Web Portal UserID Setup & Management.
    • MPS Contract Management System Setup & Management.
    • Consumables Management Account activation.
    • Toner Reconciliation Account Setup & Management.
    • Handles requests and issues logged in the Worldwide Ticketing Tool assigned to System Administration
    • Complete customer setups on required Lexmark systems including but not limited to LGS Portal, SAP, Siebel, and Toner Reconciliation.
    • Read, fully understand and convert the signed written contract to SAP CRM Contract making sure that only terms and conditions covered by the signed contract are setup in the system.
    • Understand Accounting file and be able to relate to the contract.
    • For coterminous accounts, manage CRM contract validity dates.
    • Other related functions: Initiation of Sales Contract.
    • Creation of Configurable Part Numbers (CPN).
    • Accurate Pricing Setup (including Pricing validity dates and revenue allocation).
    • Understand the impact on the financial part numbers to the downstream teams (e.g. Accounting, Invoicing).
    • As the role progresses, the following are the expectations: Proposes new guidelines to supplement existing processes in CCM.
    • Works closely with Process Analyst and Business Control Analyst in bridging identified gaps.
    • Works with other areas in Cebu Center of Competence and Services Organization.
  • Analysis & Problem Solving:
    • Strong analytical skills using various problem-solving methods.
    • Provide/establish creative and innovative solutions to issues/queries from requestors regarding the E2E Setup and other exceptions.
    • Makes decisions in instances that affect revenue recognition (e.g. toner purchase needing usage charges, determining financial part numbers, etc.).
  • Computer & Technology:
    • System Proficiency – Intermediate - Consumables Management System Services, Asset Management Tool, ServiceNow)
    • • Intermediate - Web Portal Management (UserID Creation)
    • • Intermediate - Ticketing Tool (Kofax Total Agility, Worldwide Ticketing
    • • Intermediate - Siebel, SAP ECC, SAP CRM
    • Intermediate knowledge on MS Office D365 Tools (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.)
    • Intermediate/Advance knowledge in MS Excel
  • Internal Controls
    • Validates contracts through consistency checks
    • Suggests ideas on continuous improvement on current E2E Setup process together with the team and will be reviewed by the Leadership and SMEs.

Educations, Experience and Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance/Accountancy or other relevant fields
  • 2-3 Years work experience with knowledge in 2 or more areas e.g. Business analysis, Information Technology, Financial Services, Manage Print Services, and other related business.
  • Willing to work in any shift (1st, 2nd or 3rd ) as deemed appropriate.

Competence, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Operational
    • Ensure that the setup request (New account setup, sales contract, CPN creation, etc.) in terms of completeness, balance productivity, ACCURACY and TIMELINESS are achieved through established metrics.
    • Able to understand and translate signed contract stipulations into our systems.
    • Manage customer contracts and accounts in both SAP & Siebel.
  • Organization & Time Management
    • Organizational and time management skills sufficient to independently establish priorities and coordinate and complete competing assignments within established timeframes.
    • Ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings, orientations, trainings.
    • Ability to make timely follow-through.
    • Ability to multitask numerous Urgent tickets/cases and priorities.
  • Analysis & Problem-Solving
    • Demonstrates ability to resolve diverse issues/problems and understand the impact of the End-to-End setup processes to the downstream teams.
    • Possesses the ability to comprehensively analyze and interpret contract scenario, policies, guidelines, procedure and work instructions.
    • Possesses strong problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions to complex issues, establish short term and long-term solutions.
  • Computer Technology and Skills
    • Proficient in customer relationship management tools and office applications.
  • Internal Controls
    • Understands the expected outcome and impact of having an internal control in place: • Ensure to comply with the setup processing/guidelines
    • Compliance with the policies, contracts, rules and regulations
    • Safeguarding of customer information and company assets
    • Efficient use of resources.
    • Able to accomplish objectives and goals for the operations.
  • Behavioral
    • Showcase the four Lexmark Design Behavior (i.e. Proactive and self-initiated, Broad-thinking, Team-oriented, Customer-focused).
    • Can articulate his/her thoughts and must be open, approachable, knows how to accept constructive criticism and listen, to have a two-way communication.
    • Can cascade information to the team in a clear and concise manner. More flexible and adaptable to organizational change.
    • Able to exercise emotional intelligence and can maintain or shift focus in accordance to the operation’s changing priorities (e.g. change of shift schedules, support rotation, etc.).

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