Business Area: Cebu Global Customer Services

Job Summary:

The Lexmark Consulting Analyst (LCA) assists the Lexmark Business Consultant with assessment services for Lexmark customers. The assessment will typically include the following steps associated with an inventory of output devices collected at customer locations: data analysis, plotting device locations on a floor plan, future state design, and business case analysis. She will also provide implementation support through the development, assembly and delivery of various business documents. These steps will be performed based upon unique Deployment Principles and processes that have been established in agreement with each customer. The LCA will be working on enterprise-sized projects that may encompass multiple floors, buildings, and locations for a given customer.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Entry and/or QA of data collected at customer locations including, but not limited to, output device make, model, serial number, features, usage information, physical location for use in Lexmark’s analysis tool, DCAT.
  • Production of current state maps with data representing a client’s current output environment, using DCAT, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint.
  • Understanding of the unique deployment principles defined for each individual engagement (example: all locally attached devices shall be removed, devices newer than 40 months in age shall be retained or redeployed, print volumes will be distributed to appropriately configured devices, users will have access to shared mono-print within a walk distance of 50 feet, etc).
  • The application of a customer’s deployment principles to their environment in order to design an optimized future state for output.
  • Production of future state maps and with data representing a client’s recommended future state output environment, using DCAT, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint.
  • Production of business cases representing the customer’s current costs, anticipated future state costs and the savings derived from implementation of the future state.
  • Production of various documents including: inventories, bills of material, and presentations corresponding to the recommended future state.
  • Production of various analysis such as SMART Refresh, LPM (Lexmark Print Management) Analytics and MPS Process Analytics (MPA).

Competencies, Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Fluency in the English language, both verbal and written
  • BA/BS degree required in business, financial, mathematic or engineering related discipline
  • Written communications skills at a 3 (average) out of 5 (expert)
  • Microsoft Excel skills at a 4 (very strong) out of 5 (expert)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint skills at a 4 (very strong) out of 5 (expert)
  • Microsoft Visio skills at a 4 (very strong) out of 5 (expert)
  • Microsoft PowerBI skills at a 3 (average) out of 5 (expert)
  • Continuous improvement at a 2 (limited experience) of 5 (expert)
  • Internet savvy/effective research skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate (written and oral) in standard business English
  • Willing to work night shift to support US and/or CAN business hours

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