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Business Area: Content Design, Quality, and Compliance

Are you a software developer who takes pride in your work and delivers quality applications? Want to create solutions that will change the technology landscape? Interested to work in a company that advocates for a healthy community and environment? How about working competitively but still having time for stuff you like to do outside the office? If so, then give us a try! 

We are looking for a creative problem-solver to develop and deliver quality software and solutions for our customers.

Your typical day will include: 

  • Software development and support of applications and solutions
  • Critical problem-solving discussions
  • Collaborating and strategizing with different teams
  • Learning new skills while working on your project

We invite you to join our team, if you have: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, and other related fields
  • Experience in Java, C# and .NET development
  • Experience in Database and Web development using Web Frameworks (e.g. Laravael, Vue)
  • Experience working in Windows and Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu) environment
  • Experience with Git, SVN, Jenkins, AWS S3 CLI, IIS, Apache Web Server
  • Knowledge in XML, XSLT, VB 6.0, and Scripting (Python, VBScript, powershell, Batch)
  • Knowledge in Content Management systems
  • Knowledge in Data Visualization and Analysis
  • Experience with Agile development and are adaptive to change

You must demonstrate:

  • Good understanding of engineering processes involved in product development
  • Strong Object-Oriented design skills
  • Ability to effectively apply systems thinking in solving problems
  • Adaptability to change in business decisions moving forward
  • Confidence in communication skills to express your ideas and opinions
  • Genuine commitment to deliver project milestones on-time and with excellent quality
  • Reliability with excellent performance and follow-through on tasks you own

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