Business Area: Data to Value

Job Purpose/Mission/Summary

As part of the Global Business Service organization, the “D2V” (aka Data to Value) group provides global service to business functions with one vision: data as a strategic asset. The organization is structured into 3 teams to deliver best-in class service: Analytics Governance (AG), Data Governance (DG), Technical Governance (TG). 


  • The Senior Data Scientist role reports to the Technical Lead with 4 top deliverables aiming ultimately to transform data as a strategic asset for Lexmark:
    • Build & Develop an AI – ML practice (including team developments).
    • Deliver use cases in a 12-16-week timeframe to align with best-in class industries.
    • Influence D2V growth by supporting external teams.
    • Be involved in “data lake + data factory” deliverables that will ultimately benefit ML automation.
  • The role requires the ability to think end-to-end, as well as, technical expertise and business acumen.
  • The primary datasets leveraged will be SAP, D365, and CDM related.
  • Digitalization of operations is critical to Lexmark’s success. Digitalization of processes is the path to deliver improved productivity/efficiencies that the organization is looking for. This is being translated into 4 pillars from a D2V strategy perspective: automation, data lake, AI, tablet.
  • The applicant to the Senior Data Scientist role will be accountable for the 3rd pillar of the strategy (AI-ML) which includes delivery of high-impact predictive use cases, spread of predictive skills across the team and the overall D2V organization. He/She will be engaged as well in the “data lake” pillar.
  • The D2V Technical – Senior Data Scientist is responsible for transforming the D2V organization into a more value-added organization thru deployment of the afore-mentioned pillar. While the primary focus relates to AI/ML, a global engagement and understanding of Lexmark Technology will be required to master the tools available and better recognize best fit by use case. It includes developing skills related to “data lake”, “BigDecisions”, and other tools/platforms/technologies that may be identified in the future.

Education, Experience and Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • 10 years minimum experience in IT or R&D.
  • Strong expertise on machine learning algorithms.
  • Knowledge of Python/R and SQL DB. Azure certification is a plus.
  • Front-end reporting skills (including PowerBI).
  • Ideally, basic exposure to D365, CDM and SAP systems.
  • Experience in training.
  • Experience in project management.
  • Knowledge of Global Business Services structure is a plus.
  • Knowledge of IT structure is a plus.

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