Business Area: Market to Lead

Job Summary:

The Pricing Analyst for hardware and supplies, as part of the Competitive Intelligence Team in Lexmark, focuses on the offerings of competing vendors in the marketplace particularly on pricing.

The Pricing Analyst is responsible for the following major activities within the Competitive Intelligence Team:

          Collect and organize information about Lexmark and competitive printer and MFP products.
          Analysis of information and resources to address vital business needs across various teams within organization.
          Synthesis of information to enable clear, strategic, and forward-looking decisions.

These basic activities apply to products, competitors, the marketplace, purchase processes and most fields of interest that affect the industry. 

The Pricing Analyst, under the Competitive Intelligence Team in Lexmark, is integral to the business decision-making process and to the determination of the development of future products. 

But more than that, the team is a resource that creates and maintains product information, supports the competitive analysis laboratory, analyzes marketplace events and hypothesizes the future events in the market and potential actions of the competition.  All of these activities enhance the decision-making process in Lexmark.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Collect competitive and Lexmark pricing data and monitors this on a regular basis.
  • Research, validate and audit prices that are posted in various retail websites.
  • Provides analysis of pricing strategies of competitive products to support business decisions.
  • Collect market information including vendors, channels, announcements, and strategies.
  • Adhere to the established processes and practices with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Establish familiarization and expertise in Lexmark products roadmap and all touch points this may have across the organization.
  • Proactive engagement with the global product marketing team.
  • Review sources daily for pertinent and impactful information; communicate immediately to internal customers.
  • Provide early identification of competitive product introductions.
  • Recommend product acquisitions for the competitive analysis lab.
  • Analyze and consolidate separate individual reports into one package.
  • Drives standardization and simplification of existing processes and ways of working; identify and implement new approaches and solutions to process management issues identified through analysis of process, observations and feedback.
  • Provide analysis observations and recommendations from reports and as deemed necessary by stakeholders and customers.
  • Creates competitive analysis reports used by the BOD for decision-making and marketing strategies.
  • Coordinates and plans with SME’s from supplies and parts, other geo’s MI/CI teams, Secondary Research to ensure that the following information is consistent, updated and accurate across different databases and reports:
    • Other Geo’s CI: WW pricing of Lexmark Products
    • MI: Market share of Lexmark and competing vendor products
    • Secondary Research: specific Lexmark and competing vendor product research
    • Supplies & Parts: Future Lexmark products.

Education, Experience and Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • Basic qualifications for this position include:
    • In the absence of above preferred courses, Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university preferably in Marketing, Finance, Business and Accounting so long as there is 2+ years of experience in business analysis related to reporting.
    • Ability to effectively communicate in standard business English.
    • Experienced in and highly skilled in the use of Microsoft Office - Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
    • Experienced in creating Power BI dashboards.
    • Capable of sophisticated web research.
    • Adept at sorting and cataloguing information.
    • Adept at drawing inferences from large amounts of data.
    • Flexible to work shifts.

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