Business Area: Market to Lead

Job Purpose/Mission/Summary

The mission of the Customer Experience team is to capture and deliver customer intelligence which enables data driven business decisions and continuous improvement. The Customer Experience team interacts with representatives from all of Lexmark’s paths to market: Channel, Traditional Enterprise, MPS, eCommerce and OEM. Stakeholders are global and include Sales, Services, HR, Supply Chain, IT, R&D, and Marketing. You will need to understand the interactions that are most important to our customers/partners, determine the best method to collect feedback to measure the quality of those interactions, design and implement feedback mechanisms, and communicate insights to inform the business and drive improvement actions. The ability to bring visibility to customer needs and pain points is important. 

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand their objectives and identify the best method to obtain customer feedback (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.).
  • If survey is the best method to gather information, the customer experience analyst will then set up an interview with the stakeholders to have in-depth understanding of the process.
  • Analyst designs, deploys, and analyzes surveys results.
  • At the design phase of the survey, the analyst conducts journey mapping to identify touch points. This will be the basis in creating the survey questions to fully capture the voice of the customer.
  • Program or Code the survey questions in the corporate enterprise feedback tool.
  • During the deployment phase of the survey the analyst communicates with the stakeholders to give them initial results on the respondents that are categorized as red flag so they can take immediate actions accordingly.
  • Analysts use industry best practices to establish listening posts which capture feedback in a way that is low effort for customers.
  • Analysis of the survey result includes categorizing the verbatims into different themes and sentiments based on journey mapping touchpoints. These are further categorized according to issues, benefits, and suggestions.
  • Present descriptive analysis through dynamic dashboards (such as Power BI), allowing the stakeholders to drill down the survey results.
  • Conducts analysis to determine which attribute is driving the overall customer loyalty. This helps the stakeholder focus their action plans on those that are most relevant and high impact to the business.
  • Deliver reporting and recommendations on actionable insights to key stakeholders in various business areas.
  • Develop and maintain standard work documentation of Customer Experience processes.
  • Research and implement best practices for managing customer feedback.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple priorities.

Education and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree is required.
  • At least 1 year experience as a marketing analyst, business analyst, statistics, survey, sales or marketing related positions.
  • Willing to work in the afternoon shift (second shift).

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