Business Area: Cebu Global Customer Services

Job Summary:

Work in a dynamic Technical Support Center to provide worldwide support for complex solution products involving server-based, cloud-based, and device-based software and firmware. The Technical Support Engineer requires strong technical, troubleshooting,
communication, and organizational skills to fulfill the responsibilities outlined below. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide technical support for issues with complex solutions products that first-level Solutions Agents could not resolve.
    • Serve as primary escalation point for solutions support for all issues in a particular geography that the first-level Solutions Agents could not resolve.
    • Provide technical floor support at the Cebu site and chat-conference support to all geographies in real-time
    • Work jointly with first-level Solutions Agents, who are based in the geography of the customer, and with highly knowledgeable customers, such as trained help desks, service technicians, IT administrators.
    • Troubleshoot issues reported by customers or Lexmark personnel, such as Professional Services Technical Consultants ( formerly called Systems Engineers in NA )
  • Quickly recognize the solution, leveraging master list of solutions or kbase to confirm infrequently called-about solutions.
  • Rapidly review current state of the issue and troubleshooting information provided by first-level Solutions Agent, customer, and other Lexmark personnel.
  • Quickly leverage information about customer environment, configuration, history for troubleshooting
  • Recreate issues when appropriate
  • If first-level Solutions Agent has not done so, narrow down problematic area of the solution to a specific component.
  • Determine whether issue resides in Lexmark product, Lexmark product configuration, or customer environment
  • Determine if call should be handled by Perceptive Software GSS and follow the Interaction Process appropriately.
  • Apply a systematic approach to problem solving through analysis of the problem and evaluation of alternative solutions
    • Provide correct information and high-quality resolution for customer questions/issues
    • Escalate rapidly and within SLA to Product Engineering if a product defect exists, unable to find a resolution, or issue is outside the scope of the Agent’s defined support boundary for the product
    • Reassess urgency of the issue with first level Solutions Agent and possibly the customer and apply judgment to reset the priority of the issue, thereby re-establishing SLAs for all Lexmark roles involved in resolving the issue.
    • May provide support by phone, email, chat.
    • Provide technical floor support at the Cebu site and chat-conference support to all geographies in real-time.
  • Proactively manage and drive escalated issues through the PE escalation process to meet SLAs
    • Review all open escalations to PE as frequently as SLAs dictate ( example - every 4 hours for normal priority, hourly for high-priority ) and process updates.
  • Support issues related to configuration set at installation but subsequently changed
    • Install and configure products to mirror customer configuration and environment to allow troubleshooting
    • Understand how the configuration and initial setup impact operations. Identify whether changes made to customer configuration impacted operations, even when those changes are related to installation/set-up aspects.
    • May assist first-level Solutions Agents and customers with Installation-related questions and issues.
  • Serve as the Solutions Agent
  • May interface directly with customers, although Solutions Agent will own the communications and issue
  • Collaborate on processes, training, knowledge-base
  • Actively pursue additional knowledge to improve ability to resolve customer issues

Education, Experience, and Certifications Basic Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree is required. B.S. in Computer Science, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or Information Technology is preferred, including course work in these areas: operating systems, security, networking and network protocols, databases.
  • At least 5 years experience post Bachelors degree is required:
    • 2 years in IT administration or related work, involving web servers, networks, security, and server administration/support is preferred
    • 2 years experience in Lexmark Software or Solutions Technical Support
    • Experience with and understanding of each of the following is preferred: to install, configure, administer, troubleshoot and resolve issues with products that interact with them, including the ability to capture and interpret associated log files
    • HTML5 experience ( reading, debugging ) preferred
    • Java script experience ( writing, reading, debugging ) required; certification preferred
  • 3rd party certifications are required: MCSA, ICDN1, ICDN2, CompTIASecurity+
  • Azure Certifications are preferred such as AZ-900, AZ-104
  • A plus if with below certifications:
    • PL-400
    • DP-203
    • DA-100
  • Required communications skills
    • Fluent in both written and spoken English
    • Strong written, verbal, and actively listening skills
  • Ability to understand complex solution products and rapidly learn complex technology and troubleshooting techniques
  • Ability to apply technical concepts and solve problems in situations where many variables exist.

You may send your application to recruitment@lexmark.com.